The Max Viz EVS available at Rotor & Aircraft :

In partnership with Team Atkins International, our company represents Max Viz in certain European countries.

Generally speaking, Rotor & Aircraft takes care of business development and makes its own business to obtain the various EASA STC for each installalation kit needed to operate the EVS.

Certain EASA STC's are already available for certain install kit for helicopters like Bell 206, 407, 212, 412 and EC-135. To respond to some operators' demands, some other kits are under development like for the Dauphin helicopter.

Rotor & Aircraft is able to supply to our customers, the EVS-1500 system plus the EASA certified installation kit. Installation of kit is a rather simple operation that includes sheet metal work plus electricity. This installation can be done by the customer himself or by any maintenance organisation having a Part-145 approval. Rotor & Aircraft can take care of that installation if the customer does not have access to an approved maintenance facility.

SAFETY is the primary objective of the EVS-1500. Providing crews, at night or day, visibility during darkness, fog, rain, smoke, haze or fog. Safety is enhance via early détection of runway incursions and improved awareness of terrain during night opérations, to prevent controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

The EVS-1500 is a FLIR system utilizing Infra Red technology and features the first pilot-selectable, DUAL field-of-view system.

The EVS-1500 is a very compact unit that weights only 2,3 kg. System installation as a retrofit is very simple ; and, can be accomplished within 2 to 3 days maximum.

Installation of the EVS is already approved in many business jets like Falcon, Challenger, Citation and Gulfstream.

In the sector of EMS and SAR in Europe the EVS-1500 is already on operation with several companies.

REGA in Switzerland operates 11 Agusta 109 all fitted with the EVS. The Polish government agency LPR, in charge of all MEDEVAC transports has already equipped its 23 EC-135 with the EVS-1500. In France, Hélicoptères de France, Sloane Helicopters, SAF-Helicap have also opted for the EVS-1500 for their HEMS / MEDEVAC activity.

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